First DOIT action is over: 'Tüftlerwerkstatt' - fostering innovation and entrepreneurial skills

Our first DOIT action “‘Tüftlerwerkstatt’ – fostering innovation and entrepreneurial skills” as part of the pilot testing of the DOIT approaches was succesfully conducted by our partner Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI, Vienna).

In four days, 18 students were inventing, crafting and programming solutions for their identified problems and issues they see in their environment. Finally the students were able to present one automatic door shutters based on gas or smoke detection, temperature sensible ventilators, a ventilator that turns on when the cellar gets wet and one chocolate robbery alarm system.

Amoungst the approx. 30 guests that were shown the prototypes several CEOs from the local electricity company and gas vendor were present, two majors from the communities, fire men, a director from the primary school and of course teachers and parents and other interested people.

Photos from the children’s work:

And the final presentation: