Innovative Bow Ties by "3D MAKERS" - Success Story #20

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When we talk about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is a stylish outfit, appealing accessories and beauty cult. Nowadays fashion is everywhere, but if anyone can think about fashion as an innovative concept? Now you might have a question what's in common between fashion and innovations? "3D MAKERS" team can answer this by showing bow ties made with a 3D printer - and these have a big potential to become a new fashion tendency in this age of technology.

CC BY 4.0 DOIT, http://DOIT-Europe.Net, H2020–770063 Photo credits: “3D MAKERS” team

No wonder that the idea of “3D MAKERS” was born in a group of young, just 16-years-old boys, who wanted to create an accessory which is unique, individualistic and innovative – they believe these features are essential to successfully develop any idea because everyone of us wants to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Considering that “3D MAKERS” is composed of boys, it is no surprise they came up with an idea of making bow ties. At that time they also found out about a new possible way to use technology in a making process – 3D printer which is also a very interesting tool to use. After considering all pros and cons, they decided to give it a try – first of all, they collaborated with their economics and technology teachers who supported their idea and gave a proper knowledge of how they should start this process.

The team explains that there are different types of 3D printers but in general, these 3D printing is an additive process that builds objects one layer at a time from the bottom up. The right technology depends on the materials, aesthetics, mechanical properties and performance you require. To understand it easier, the team describes this process to be similar to heat guns, when heathen plastic is squeezed out on the table layer by layer and this process is automatized by specific settings. The biggest pros of making products with a 3D printer are cheap materials, the variety of possible production and high-quality printing.

After making their first products, it was the time to represent it to publicity. Their first experience was participating in Students Enterprise Fair 2017 in Klaipėda where they were successfully recognized. As they now remember,  it was very emotional and challenging to answer all questions regarding their production but it was totally worth it: “3D MAKERS” was nominated for the best team image. Later they decided to try their luck in the National Students Enterprise Fair 2017 where they had another opportunity to demonstrate their innovative bow ties.

CC BY 4.0 DOIT, http://DOIT-Europe.Net, H2020–770063 Photo credits: “3D MAKERS” team

The essential benefit of these bow ties is uniqueness and individualistic style. They are made based on exclusive personal needs so everyone can have their own original bow tie. Even more, it is a high quality and longžlasting product so it is a great choice for those who appreciate practicality. As we can see, “3D MAKERS” totally succeeded to merge innovations, fashion, and uniqueness into one product that can become a daily go-to accessory.

by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute

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CC BY 4.0 DOIT, http://DOIT-Europe.Net, H2020-770063