DOIT @ Innovation Summit in Brussels

On November 6-7th, DOIT together with Elisabeth  Unterfrauner from Zentrum für Soziale Innovation (ZSI) participated in the RTO Innovation Summit which took place in Brussels.

The RTO Innovation Summit welcomed participants with many interesting sessions such as the session on Social innovation, where Elisabeth Unterfrauner (ZSI) had the opportunity to host one of the tables during the world café workshop!

This table was dedicated to the Maker movement as an example for bottom-up Social Innovation. It was a very interesting and lively discussion inspired by examples of social and technological innovations in maker projects such as the pedagogical approach in our DOIT Europe project.

It was acknowledged in the discussion that one of the conditions to support Social Innovation is to equip children with the necessary tools and skills and the trust in the own capabilities to create and to be innovative!

We are proud to share our vision and goals for all the community that seeks to encourage innovative and entrepreneurial future generation.