Maker Faire Vienna 2019

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On May 4th, our partner ZSI had a booth at the Maker Faire in Vienna, where they showed the results from their second pilot phase. Visitors also had the opportunity to gain their first programming experience!

Join the Maker Days at TU Graz

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Are you or someone you know interested in getting to know the work with (digital) tool? Visit the Maker Days for kids on the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th of August 2019 (9:00-16:00) at the TU Graz!

Webinar on Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving

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Our project coordinator Dr. Sandra Schön participated in a webinar about entrepreneurship & problem solving, hosted and moderated by one of our members of the Advisory Board, Elin McCallum.

Workshop @ Makerdays Salzburg

During the School Makerdays in November, our partners from Salzburg Research had the opportunity to present various making activities to a group of interested educators and to explore them together.

Mini Maker Faire 2018 in Salzburg

On Saturday, November 10th 2018, the Mini Maker Faire took place in Salzburg. At 30 different making stations, around 1100 visitors were able to give free rein to their creativity. Read on to learn more!

December: DOIT Webinar

Project coordinator Dr. Sandra Schön will hold a webinar on the principles and measures that can ensure greater participation by girls in makerspaces.