3rd project meeting in Barcelona

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The DOIT partner met for their 3rd project meeting in Barcelona at the inspiring labs of our partner IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia).

Press release about "Maker Days for Kids" at TU Graz (Austria)

The organiser of the potentially biggest Austrian temporary makerspace for children proudly published a press release - and we are happy that DOIT and two partners supported the great event. DOIT supported  at the University of Technology Graz with more than 110 children on four days (13, 14., 16., 17.

DOIT @ IML in Passau

Meet DOIT during the IML Conference in Passau 2018, where Salzburg Research will hold a workshop on "Social Innovation in Makerspaces as a Means for Media Literacy? - Exemplary tools and projects for children between 6 and 16 as preparation to create a better world".